How to Fix SQL Developer on a Retina Display Mac(book)

I just purchased a new Macbook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display and was horrified to see how fuzzy SQL Developer looked on the high-res screen. Thanks to Thunderforge on the Stack Overflow forums for this tip:

Java 7u40 Early Access now supports HiDPI (Retina) displays, as shown by this changelog. So retina support is now available on Java 6, Java 7u40 or higher, and Java 8.

I am currently running the Early Adopter release of SQL Developer 4.0 which requires JDK 1.7. I’m not sure what the state of Java 8 is on the Mac, so I opted to upgrade my JDK from 1.7.0_25 to 1.7.0_40. After that I had nice, sharp lines back in SQL Developer and all my other Java apps.

Thanks to Oracle’s Java team for addressing this!

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