How To Run Oracle Forms 11g Applications on OS X Lion

Need to run your company’s Oracle Forms application from your Mac, and can’t? Annoyed with having to crank up a virtual machine for just that one task? Even with the latest published Java version for OS X (1.6.0_33, as of today), you may find that some of the newer Forms applications just won’t run. Well, fret no longer. A solution may already be here, at least for Safari and Firefox.

Although it’s not a strictly certified configuration, you may have better luck by running the JRE 1.7 Java plug-in, which was recently made available as a pre-release download. This works for OS X Lion 10.7.3 and above. Download the plug-in from here and follow the simple instructions on the page to install it. Now give your application another try, and hopefully you’ll get the results I did!

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