05/01/2018   Linklog:  Celestine Omin: They Don't Need ML

I will write a query like select from order table where last shop date is 3 or greater months. When we get this information, we will send a nice “we miss you, come back and here’s X Naira voucher” email. The conversation rate for this one was always greater than 50%.

So-called artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are in fashion these days, and the impetus is to apply them to all problem sets. It would be a mistake to think that they should, or even could, substitute for rational thought and human insight. Most problems are simple, and do not require complex systems to solve. (I’ve been surprised upon learning how commonsensical are the actual rules that inform predictive analyses, recommendation engines, and relationship graphs.) Good business analysis yields teachable results, not “magic” numbers or inscrutable algorithms. Human intelligence should not be set aside when pursuing the benefits of machine intelligence.

04/19/2018   Linklog:  Karin Olli-Nilsson @businessinsider.com: Finland is killing its world-famous basic income experiment

In recent years, a growing number of tech entrepreneurs have endorsed universal basic income (UBI), a system system in which every individual receives a standard amount of money, simply for being alive.


These tech moguls recognize that UBI, as well as combatting poverty, could also help solve the problem of increased robotization in the workforce, a problem they are very much part of creating.

This will be interesting. Official results of the experiment are to be published in 2019.

The push for a universal basic income comes from economically skeptical left-leaning millennials, and industrialists who see in workforce automation their answer to the problems of human labor — the need to provision, maintain, scale, and accommodate large numbers of comparatively inefficient workers, with all of their troubles and demands. Widespread automation would allow for an even greater profit efficiency than slavery, without any of the associated ethical considerations — provided, of course, that the masses of dispossessed workers are maintained in a kind of minimally acceptable lifestyle.

04/10/2018   Linklog:  Lindsay Moore: Oracle Sees Autonomous Database Changing DBA Roles for the Good

If the tactical tasks are reduced – or even eliminated – DBAs will have more time to spend on higher level tasks, like data security, data lifecycle management, data architecture and data modeling, Colgan said.

I can’t be too worried about automation replacing the need for database professionals. The first time I recall hearing such claims was in 1999 with the advent of Oracle 9i. If what Colgan says is true, and there is every reason to believe it is, then the day to day work of DBAs and consultants like myself is only bound to become more interesting and productive. All of those things she mentions — particularly security — deserve far more attention than they receive in most organizations, as underfunded and overwhelmed as they are with routine operational tasks.

If you are getting the above error when trying to add a block volume to a Windows VM in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the solution is quite simple.

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12/15/2017   Linklog:  Bloomberg: 2107 Was Bad for Facebook. 2018 Will Be Worse.

While Facebook remains the biggest platform, Google and Twitter are facing similar pressure from governments in the U.S. and in Europe. Germany enacted a law requiring the social networks to remove hate speech promptly or face fines. In the U.S., the activities of a Russian troll farm during the 2016 election campaign prompted scrutiny of Facebook’s ad selling practices and a (rather ham-handed) legislative attempt to force some transparency.

The government has an incentive for fostering the growth and continued success of big social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, because they operate essentially as large data warehouses on social thought, connections and behavior — supplying information that might be difficult or illegal to collect otherwise. Because of the monopoly these companies have on online self expression, and the potentially large and instantaneous impact of that form of expression, they serve as easy chokepoints for controlling the dissemination of ideas.

12/14/2017   Linklog:  Infolob: on YouTube

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